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Evaluation and examination

Students are evaluated by means of compulsory assignments and a formal written examination in May/June for students registering for a module in January, or October/November for students registering for a module in June. The material also includes self-evaluation exercises and the practical module (PEM04B) requires students to apply what they have learnt from the other modules.


On successful completion of the entire course, students will be awarded a certificate from Unisa’s Centre for Business Management.

Credits and SAQA approval

Approved on NQF level 6 for 48 credits.

What is the NQF?
What does level 6 mean?

In addition, the following credits may be applied for in terms of other programmes/courses on offer from the Centre/Unisa:

  • Higher Certificate in Marketing - 1 credit (should you meet the requirements for the Higher Certificate)


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