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“If you don’t have someone responsible and accountable for turning all of the online dials and clearly setting the direction for your online strategy as well as making sure your strategy lines up with all of the other marketing programs that are being executed, your online strategy will fail.” Rob Crigler, Director of Interactive Marketing, Orkin


“Human nature has a tendency to admire complexity but reward simplicity.” Ben Huh, CEO, Cheezburger Network


“A strong foundation increases the value of everything you do.” Aaron Wall, discussing SEO strategies.



Boost your career or start an online business! Supplement your income by selling online!

With an online community of just over 25 million web users in South Africa (more than half of the population) and 3 billion worldwide, electronic marketing (or e-marketing) is taking the business world by storm! E-marketing provides large and small businesses, and even individuals that want to earn some extra income, relatively easy access to a huge market at affordable prices and, unlike TV or print advertising, it allows truly personalised marketing. The benefits of e-marketing include a global reach, lower costs, personalisation, measurable results, 24/7 marketing capabilities, a media-rich marketing environment, direct sales opportunities, and much, much more. There is little doubt that a need exists for the development of competencies in the area of e-marketing to ensure that the crucial skills are successfully integrated into the marketing activities of the learner at their place of work.

This course is aimed at:

  • Marketing practitioners and other managers that need to get to grips with new electronic media channels 
  • Entrepreneurs (even individuals) that want to start a new online business  
  • Existing businesses, large and small, that need to expand their current markets and grow their businesses 
  • Any individual that wants to get to grips with online marketing and improve their career and employment prospects 
  • Individuals that want to make some extra income to supplement their salaries

The purpose of the course is to provide the student with relevant competencies (knowledge, skills, norms and values) in order to interpret and apply fundamental marketing principles within the context of marketing via electronic media. The application of the skills and knowledge will provide the student with the ability to take advantage of the many opportunities in this rapidly developing sector. Students credited with this programme will have gained an understanding of the online business environment and will gain practical knowledge of the various media available for use in the development of e-marketing strategies.

Purpose: To empower individuals, as well as entrepreneurs and business people from both small and large firms to take advantage of marketing opportunities in the online world.

Who should study this programme?  All existing and future marketing practitioners, as well as web, e-marketing and e-commerce specialists fall within the target audience of this Programme.  Indeed, any person who is interested in using the web as a marketing channel would benefit from this offering.  Students are expected to come from both the SMME and big business environments, as well as entrepreneurs who wish to take advantage of the virtual world. Individuals that want to learn how to sell online, either part-time or even full-time to supplement their income, represent another potential audience for this course.

Specific outcomes: The student will be able to demonstrate the ability to consider a range of possibilities, make decisions about, and evidence performance around, each of the specific outcomes contained in this course.  A practical project and practical tasks comprise part of the learning in the course.

This course is offered by UNISA - The University of South Africa - Africa’s leading distance learning institution nurturing inspiring leaders of tomorrow. Find out more about UNISA here.


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